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Overlocked Remix

Overlocked Remix

OC ReMix has given us a great gift this boring morning. Before I start the post, if you haven’t been to OC ReMix go now!! It is an amazing site. Overclocked ReMix, also known as OC ReMix and OCR, is a website created by David W. Lloyd (also known as djpreztel) to preserve and tribute video game music with remixes of the original song/s using new technology and hardware/software. The remixed arrangements of the original, or master, songs are all done by fans and OC ReMix lives up to it’s intentions offering a wide variety of arrangements by its large user base. The songs come from a large list of games which OC ReMix currently has remixes of 553 games and 1,642 remixes right now! Yowzah.

Aside from just offering video game remix downloads OC ReMix also offers a large database video game information, composer information, games, game systems, and much more. The site distributes the music through direct downloads for individual songs and BitTorrent for albums and packages which one can also buy to support OC ReMix. You can also visit their forums to interact with the community and rate remixed songs and remixers.

One song that I have been listening to recently is an Ico ReMix called Save Me (OCR Edit) by SGX, a remix of the soundtracks “continue” and “heal” from the game.

Now on to their great achievement today. (more…)


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving for those of us in the States!!!
Well despite being Asian I had a pretty damn satisfying Thanksgiving with turkey, green been casserole, stuffing, and rice….oh wait. Oh well, it was one of the better ones that I had.

As I was driving back home after stuffing my face I thought “Hmmm you know, despite America influencing some Japanese holidays they don’t have Turkey Day!”, not that they need to or anything but I think everyone should have a day where you stuff your face with food or 5 haha. I also ran a search for Thanksgiving related figures but no luck plus it would be weird seeing a cute anime girl (or guy) in a pilgrim/turkey outfit.
The closest thing I know of is:

Pumpkin Nendroid

Melissa Selafi Nendroid

Pumpkins are used in Thanksgiving recipes right? So it counts somewhat.

My friend Chris ‘Taco’ Martinkovic from Dark Diamond Blog and I were thinking of e-mailing Kyoto Animation and asking them to do a Thanksgiving anime with super moe~ Thanksgiving Pilgrim girls and super moe~ Thanksgiving Native American girls. But in order for that to go through KEY would have to make an Eroge based off our idea before KyoAni would do anything. Oh well.

Once again folks enjoy your turkey or just another day if you’re not in the States! A Happy Thanksgiving from us at Irregular Blogging!



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So, youtube recently started allowing HD videos, which I enjoy immensely. Not just the fmt=18, but now fmt=22, compare in full screen and you’ll see what I mean.  At first, I heard questions around the interwebs, and from a few friends, that this may put downloading anime, television shows,  and maybe TV, out of business. I’m going to have to put a firm ‘no’ towards that. 


Looking good there Shinkai.

Looking good there Shinkai.



Sure, it’s great. But it’s still not like having an episode or movie on your hard-drive or DVD. It’s much slower, has a restricted time-limit (at least I assume it does), and isn’t going to have the selection of downloads. 

I hear mumbles here and there from people who still cannot run HD videos on their computer. And that is with a video that is on their hard drive. A flash-based program is just going to lag even more for them. 

But, that aside, the lack of selection is the biggest problem. Why watch sparse, 25 minute videos, when you can watch entire movies, in one shot on a DVD? You may find a few anime here and there, and a TV show that some company wanted to promo on youtube. But you won’t find your favorite shows from normal television plastered all over youtube. It’s just not going to happen that way.., yet.  

I do believe youtube is taking a step in the right direction. But it’s only a step, not a leap, and I don’t think it will change how I view any of my media. The greatest things for this are short trailers, and things like OPs to anime. These types of videos are fantastic to have in HD without having to download them. I welcome this change; even if it is just here to completely and utterly DESTROY all their competition.

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I spent my fair share of time playing Auditorium. I’m going to agree with Victor, it is immensely fun.  I was never a huge fan of rhythm games. Sure, I played them here and there, but nothing ever hooked me. But this concept of basing it like a puzzle game has me intrigued. It makes it into something different from DDR, Beatmania, Guitar Hero, or Rock Band, which are just about keeping the beat (which I find boring).  So go try it out if you have the time.

I also have gotten back into Call of Duty 4. I was bored and decided to polish up on my FPS skills. I was glad I did, I had forgotten how immensely fun it is. I’m surprised that the number of people has barely decreased on-line, despite World at War being released.  This makes me suspect that most people are on the fence about it, like me. I’ve read the reviews, I know it’s like CoD4, but something in me is reluctant to purchase ANOTHER WWII shooter. The market isn’t just over-saturated with them, it’s bursting at the seams with them. I’ll mull it over.

There are a few other games I’d like as well, so I gotta think which one I want, I’m not a rich man (yet).

The juggernaut that is Wrath of the Lich King is also trying to pull me in. I quit WoW long ago for a variety of reasons. But, for some reason, a few of my friends (despite knowing why I quit) are intent on trying to get me back into it. I’m going to have to say no, I have to much fun berating others for playing WoW to start playing again and become a hypocrite (oh, and fail my courses).

Also, I swear, no one has more trouble with girls (or themselves) than me. NO ONE!

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-Pictures at the end-

By all accounts I should be freaking sleeping right now, but by golly I can’t! You see I was reading VG Cats hoping for an update (I kid I kid) and lo behold I stumble upon the news section where Scott posts really funny stuff. Once again he has given me a gem which I immediately shared with all my friends. Well I haven’t forgotten about the faithful reads, the bloody few of ya haha.

Anyways what I’m rambling on about right now is Play Auditorium. Play Auditorium is as the website describes it:

“Auditorium is about the process of discovery and play. There are no right or wrong answers; there are many ways to solve every puzzle. To get started, fill up the first audio level. We hope you enjoy the demo of Auditorium.”

Basically if you took a Web Browser, REZ, Every Extra Extended, maybe Geometry Wars, and most musical games you know (excluding DDR and In The Groove) and mashed them together in a blender the end result would be Play Auditorium. In Play Auditorium the main force is “The Flow”,an array of audio and visual particles, and you must get them to travel inside these vertical boxes called “Volume Containers” with the aide of these “Controls” which range from simple directions to rabits and snails. You are given a box much like Geometry Wars and you must control “The Flow” to reach their destinations by moving around “The Controls’. Sounds like a bad overview but it’s really hard to explain the wonderfulness of Play Auditorium. One must play it to truely understand. It gets trickier as you progress through the levels adding many more “Controls” and obstacles. But the end result is very very very gratifying as you are rewarded with a luscious ambient soundtrack that makes you want to just sit there and listen but then the next level kicks in and you must fight onwards.

So far I have only gotten through 2.5 levels before my weariness kicked in. But, I will continue tomorrow!! While you are at the main website you can donate (minimum of $5), sign up as a beta tester, and much more. What have you got to lose? Well, nothing really. What have you got to gain? A fucking lot my friends!

Thank you Dain Saint and William Stallwood for creating this experience.

Up, Right, Rabit, and Repel

The Controls: Up, Right, Rabit, and Repel

The Flow flowing into an Audio Container

The Flow flowing into an Audio Container

The Flow being crazy!

The Flow being crazy!

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Not Very Punny

So, I don’t know how many other people do this, but puns have become a serious “problem” around here. No matter what am I doing, where I am doing it, I hear someone making a pun so bad I have no recourse but to face-palm (see my pic >>>>>).

Seriously, the other day I was doing the dishes, and I hold up all our forks. I say, “Wow, we have a shit load of forks, where did these all come from?” To which I get the reply, “I have no FORKING clue!” This is just one example amongst a million. And I think it is driving me slowly insane. I don’t know how often I hear them, but it has to be around 5-6 a day. It’s just something that grinds my shit. Here’s one more for no good reason (I can only remember ones dealing with lots of objects, I guess).

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Acidman – I Stand Free

Ah one of my favourite and least know J-Rock bands: Acidman. A Trio cosisting of Oki Nobuo on Vocals and Guitar, Satou Masatoshi on Bass, and Urayama Ichigo on Drums. It should also be noted that Nobuo paints many (if not almost all)of the bands album covers.

Acidman has been described as an assortment of genres ranging from Punk to Alternative Rock and maybe even a little Virtuoso. From my experience Acidman in the beginning was more Punk than Alternative and have recently the past 2 or so years begun to take in Jazz and Jazz Fusion influences (as can be seen in their pure instrumental song Dawn Chorus and even earlier with Sai instrumental). They are a group of very talented guys and Masatoshi has to be one of my favorite bassist in the J-Music world. His style and rhythm are so distinct and full of umm what’s the word I’m looking for…OOMPH. It is very easy to listen to an Acidman song and be hypnotized by the funk and rhythm of the bass. Oh and Ichigo has one mean ass Asian beard.

Despite having released 6 albums since 2002 they are sitting between underground and major. Now 9 months after their single Shikijitsu and 6 months after their release of their full length album LIFE Acidman once again shows us how it is so easy for them to crank out works of art. Their new single “I Stand Free” contains 2 new songs: “I Stand Free” and ” O (オー) -second line-“.


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