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Small Update

Just a small update, been really busy with life with sooooo many tests in one week. Actually about to go study for my Financial Accounting Test which I’m going to take tomorrow.
Today is Friday the 13th, go do all your suspicious mumbo jumbo. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day aka Singles Awareness Day aka Hallmark/Corporate cash in Holiday. Enjoy it with your family and loved ones and prepare for cheap chocolate the next day.

Haven’t been watching too much anime, the only one I’ve set aside time for is Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou and Sainukoku Monogatari Season 2. Video game wise I played a tiny tiny bit of Street Fighter 4 yesterday and I really need to work on my skills (also rusty in MMORPG PvP and FPS skills ah gone are the golden days) and Dragon Quest IV.

Change of header image for today, thought it fit well with the next 2 days, maybe I’ll change it to a sweeter one tomorrow.


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Fellow Comrade Danny Choo has once again provided another tool for those of you who wish to learn Japanese so that one day you may fulfill your dream of going to Japan.
This article written by Danny has all the details. Basically you can use iKnow to up your Japanese proficiency. As one who is studying Japanese on my spare time I find any new tools given to me very useful. So far I can read Hiragana, listen and understand others, formulate spoken sentences, and read very very very basic stuff. I need to work on my Kanji, Katakana, and writing. I am sorta confident that I could get around Tokyo with what basic knowledge I have but I don’t want to risk it so I want to become more fluent before I go to Japan.

Small update so far, been wanting to write about the Australian Open and some more animes.

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