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Small update, really busy with 2 tests this week. I’ve been watching anime in my break time so it goes about 2 1/2 hours of studying -> 1 or 2 anime episodes -> back to studying -> etc. So far I’ve watched everything I wanted to I think, including some I didn’t think I would. There are still some shows getting subbed but here’s what shows to expect the next post to be about:

Valkyria Chronicles, Shangri-La, Tears to Tiara, Sengoku Basra, Saki, Higepiyo, Natsu no Arashi, K-ON, Hayate 2, and Queen’s Blade.

I think the post will be split up into 2 lengthy posts as to not have one overwhelming one. There’s a lot of good stuff this season, some stuff that looks okay on the top but deep down is good fun inside. Hoping to see more of the shows subbed (and if it takes forever I’ll just watch the RAW).

Back to studyingz!


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