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oo oo ooo so many games!!

Yes I have been watching Kimi ni Todoke aka “Mamiko Noto the show”.

A lack of posts (once again) because all of my professors decided to have tests within a one week span. But I also blame the lack of posts on: nothing really to talk about, my laziness, and my self proclaimed disease of “Gamer ADHD”. I’m pretty sure you all know the flurry of games that recently came out: Borderlands, Dragon Age, Atelier Annie, Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 2 etc. Soon there’s also gonna be Left 4 Dead 2. Please Video Game Gods, have mercy on my poor college student budget!


I forgot to pre-order the Atelier Annie Premium Box (busy busy) and now that shit's going for 100+!!!



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Aion and I

So what’s causing me to lag horribly behind in both the anime world and real world? Aion. My comrades from the CoalitionLAN (mainly Popsikle) nostalgia tripped me into getting the game by saying a few of my CL buddies were playing. So naturally I went out and bought it and started playing. I must say it is a lot of fun though blowing shit up as a Sorcerer. I wish people will stop with all the WoW comparisons. I mean yeah a lot of things look like it was taken from WoW but really it feels more Warhammer-esque than WoW. If any of you readers decide that you want to pick up the game there’s a home for you on the Marchutan server with the legion Aether Junkies. Just send a message to you know who (me). Now there are some restrictions, mainly you have to be mature.

Here’s some pictures:


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How to be a Bancho

Really Atlus needs to stop coming up with things that I have to spend my money on. I love Atlus now, I really do but I like having money also haha. So what’s this I’m ranting on about?

Kenka Bancho a PSP game where you run around being a complete badass (Bancho) that shoots laser beams from your eyes and beats people up dressed in a Banana Suit. Awesome. No words can express my utter excitement for this game to release and the hilarity that will ensue. Maybe after a few days of playing I’ll start walking around campus like a Bancho and have a legion of followers. But first I would need to go to Japan (as the commercial points out).


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My new room

So it’s been a while since the last post. Semester has been a real pain in the but and whatnot. Decided to change my major to IT (I couldn’t stick with MIS anymore cause it…you know…doesn’t exist at my University anymore), so I have to deal with the pre-requisites for the College of Computer Science. I might be in school for another year but everything is fun. C Programming is a lot of fun, minus when the prof gives us an assignment he knows we can’t do just to fuck with us (Awesome professor though).

So my room. It’s about 15 times larger than the room I had at the dorms and slightly smaller than the room at my parents house. I’m using a twin bed just for space purposes (though that doesn’t seem to be the problem), and I hope to fill in the empty space you are about to see with a coffee table to do work and a lounge like chair to read my books and manga. Not really satisfied with the arrangement right now so I’ll probably change it. However I finally have a case to store my figures which is what I’m most proud of.

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It’s over!!! It’s finally over!!! I was getting SO sick and tired of German grammar!!



Now that summer classes are over I am 10000% less stressed and moved into my new apartment. My room is very desolate right now with only my computer desk and my bed. I’m looking to put a display case or two for my figs, a bookcase for my games, manga, etc, and a dresser. The dresser is not really needed but it would be nice, mainly focusing on the display case and bookcase. Will post pictures once everything is set up.

Other than relaxing I haven’t been doing much. Been playing Fat Princess but my PS3 just pulled a “can’t read discs” problem so I need to send it in for repairs. If you want to play some Fat Princess with me send me a friend request on PSN and we’ll play. Can never have enough warriors to rescue our plump maiden.



Back home packing some stuff to bring to my place. I hope I can fit everything into my car.

Here’s my games and dvds I have packed so far:

packed tight as sardines with games and dvds.

packed tight as sardines with games and dvds.

I got still got my books, mangas, figures, and some clothes to pack. Just a little bit more to pack heh.

In other news I found a pleasant surprise when I came home yesterday. (more…)

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Well it’s about time for the Summer season to start, and it sort of already had with the 1st episode of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu season 2. There’s a few good shows this summer though if I have enough willpower to watch most of them is another matter.

Without further ado here’s what you’ve been waiting for:


My MUST watch list?

CANAAN – Type Moon anime??? Fuck yeah!
Umineko – I saw a few pictures for wallpapers of Umineko and proceeded to wiki it and suffice to say the story and characters look very interesting. Umineko, like Higurashi, is a popular doujin game.
Bakemonogatari – SHAFT?! looks Horror but really a Comedy?! Count me in.
Sora no Manimani – Slice of life and astronomy? Awwww yeahhh.
Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou – Sounds somewhat like Someday’s dreamer with magicans. Looks like a slice of life, we’ll see.
GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class – Slice of life and art? Where’s my Sketchbook Full Colors season 2?! lol.
Zan Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei – Oh Shit!!! More Zetsubo Sensei!! I was kinda sad when they said at the end of the OVAs that it would really be sayonara T_T. But now I’m happy again!
Spice and Wolf II – More economics lessons and Horo!

Princess Lover!
Hetalia Axis Powers 2 (saw a first episodes of season one, all I can say is lol at history.)

That’s about it really. Been recently playing FFXI again and having a lot of fun on the Fenrir server. Met a bunch of cool people and even found someone who is a fan of Legend of the Galatic Heroes aptly named Mittermeyer. A lot of stuff in draft on documents at the moment, stuck at work for today so waiting to get home before I give it some final touches.

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It’s true folks all 6 Professor Layton games by Level 5 are coming to the U.S. and Europe!! That is the 3 games currently out right now in Japan (Curious Village, Devil’s Box, and Final Time Journey) and the 3 in development. The 4th game is “Professor Layton and the Devil’s Flute” which is actually a predecessor and is set before Curious Village.This is great news because I love the Layton series, it challenges your thinking ability yet when you can’t think of it and you see the answer it’s one of those “Oooooohhhhh, goddamn that’s so simple!”. Another great gem by Level 5.

The 2nd Professor Layton game is named “Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box (subject to change me thinks)” for the rest of us.

Wired Link
Professor Layton series rundown

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