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By all accounts I should be freaking sleeping right now, but by golly I can’t! You see I was reading VG Cats hoping for an update (I kid I kid) and lo behold I stumble upon the news section where Scott posts really funny stuff. Once again he has given me a gem which I immediately shared with all my friends. Well I haven’t forgotten about the faithful reads, the bloody few of ya haha.

Anyways what I’m rambling on about right now is Play Auditorium. Play Auditorium is as the website describes it:

“Auditorium is about the process of discovery and play. There are no right or wrong answers; there are many ways to solve every puzzle. To get started, fill up the first audio level. We hope you enjoy the demo of Auditorium.”

Basically if you took a Web Browser, REZ, Every Extra Extended, maybe Geometry Wars, and most musical games you know (excluding DDR and In The Groove) and mashed them together in a blender the end result would be Play Auditorium. In Play Auditorium the main force is “The Flow”,an array of audio and visual particles, and you must get them to travel inside these vertical boxes called “Volume Containers” with the aide of these “Controls” which range from simple directions to rabits and snails. You are given a box much like Geometry Wars and you must control “The Flow” to reach their destinations by moving around “The Controls’. Sounds like a bad overview but it’s really hard to explain the wonderfulness of Play Auditorium. One must play it to truely understand. It gets trickier as you progress through the levels adding many more “Controls” and obstacles. But the end result is very very very gratifying as you are rewarded with a luscious ambient soundtrack that makes you want to just sit there and listen but then the next level kicks in and you must fight onwards.

So far I have only gotten through 2.5 levels before my weariness kicked in. But, I will continue tomorrow!! While you are at the main website you can donate (minimum of $5), sign up as a beta tester, and much more. What have you got to lose? Well, nothing really. What have you got to gain? A fucking lot my friends!

Thank you Dain Saint and William Stallwood for creating this experience.

Up, Right, Rabit, and Repel

The Controls: Up, Right, Rabit, and Repel

The Flow flowing into an Audio Container

The Flow flowing into an Audio Container

The Flow being crazy!

The Flow being crazy!


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Hello world!

Hello world, indeed. Starting up on this whole blog thing. Curryninja’s buildin’ the whole thing at the moment, at least it seems. I’ll let him continue on with all that noise.

Me? I’m nobody. Just messin around, trying to figure all this out.

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