Fall figure pre-orders

So while I haven’t been blogging a whole lot, I have been able to keep up with my figure pre-ordering habit. Truthfully this habit is gonna hurt come December when the bulk of my figure pre-orders come. I’ve had to cancel a few figs in order to be able to buy others. Of course as usual I get my orders from Toyslogic or Hobby Search.

Not me, Masami Obari.

Not me, Masami Obari.

So for the remainder of the year this I got these coming:
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My new room

So it’s been a while since the last post. Semester has been a real pain in the but and whatnot. Decided to change my major to IT (I couldn’t stick with MIS anymore cause it…you know…doesn’t exist at my University anymore), so I have to deal with the pre-requisites for the College of Computer Science. I might be in school for another year but everything is fun. C Programming is a lot of fun, minus when the prof gives us an assignment he knows we can’t do just to fuck with us (Awesome professor though).

So my room. It’s about 15 times larger than the room I had at the dorms and slightly smaller than the room at my parents house. I’m using a twin bed just for space purposes (though that doesn’t seem to be the problem), and I hope to fill in the empty space you are about to see with a coffee table to do work and a lounge like chair to read my books and manga. Not really satisfied with the arrangement right now so I’ll probably change it. However I finally have a case to store my figures which is what I’m most proud of.
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Aozaki Toko

So the previous weekend I received my Aozaki Touko (or Toko) and I was pretty excited to unbox it. The quality by Alter just surprises me sometimes, maybe cause I don’t buy too many Alter figs. Oh well I will be buying more now. The figure comes with interchangeable heads, a VERY small cigarette attachment, and a desk chair with swiveling wheels (for what purpose I don’t know). The base also has in almost invisible font “Kara no Kyoukai”, gotta angle it or shine a light on it to find it.

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Fall Anime Season

Oh well I thought I posted it but I didn’t so let me get to it even though everyone else probably has done it.

Fall 2009 Anime Season

Fall 2009 Anime Season

I got the chart from Fakku (Warning! Contains adult material), which then linked me to Chartfag a convenient website for all your anime season chart needs and perhaps more. Never again will you have to search Google for incomplete images, visit sketchy websites, or go on 4chan. Now we have Chartfag. It looks like it’s been around for a while and I’ve never found them. I fail =(.

So what looks good this season (to me at least)? A lot of continuations, a bit of new stuff, and some long awaited series. So let’s get down to it:

Must Watch:
Darker Than Black: Comet of Gemini – A Chinese main character in MY Japanese Anime?! More likely than you think. Yes more Hei action.
Letter Bee – I saw what I think was the OVA a while back and I liked it so here’s looking forward to this series
Romance of the Three Kingdoms – Really? Need I say more?
The Sacred Blacksmith – I like the character design an the premises of the story (somewhat)
Fairy Tail – Loved the Manga
Kobato – Like I said before: CLAMP slice of life??? Fuck yeah! It needs to come out faster.
Kimi no Todoke – Production IG goodness and a love story that’ll be interesting

Armed Librarians: Book of Bantorra – Could be good, pretty skeptical when things revolve around libraries.
Sasameki Koto – Depends on how much I want a Yuri show or if I hear it’s good.
Nyan Koi – Could be good or could be bad. I’ll more than likely watch the 1st ep.
Natsu no Arashi 2 – I’d have to finish 1 before I can watch 2
Asura Cryin 2 – See above
Queens Blade – See above

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Purezza – For fucks sake people it’s not a secret anymore!!! Everyone knows!!! Noto Mamiko’s Angel like voice cannot save this forsaken show.
Shin Koihime Musou – First of why would you watch this when there’s a more epic 3 Kingdoms anime in the same season?! Second why would you even watch the 1st season?!
Inuyasha Final Act – Goddamn about time it’ll end.
Winter Sonata – Not that it’s going to be bad or anything but I know from experience that Koreans take drama to a whole new level and I do not want to feel depressed this fall semester. Maybe during Winter Break when I don’t need to focus on anything.

Comments- Lots of continuations and weird shows. Strange to see SHAFT only doing one show this season. Someone is trying to bring back Tamagotchis.

The end.

It’s over!!! It’s finally over!!! I was getting SO sick and tired of German grammar!!



Now that summer classes are over I am 10000% less stressed and moved into my new apartment. My room is very desolate right now with only my computer desk and my bed. I’m looking to put a display case or two for my figs, a bookcase for my games, manga, etc, and a dresser. The dresser is not really needed but it would be nice, mainly focusing on the display case and bookcase. Will post pictures once everything is set up.

Other than relaxing I haven’t been doing much. Been playing Fat Princess but my PS3 just pulled a “can’t read discs” problem so I need to send it in for repairs. If you want to play some Fat Princess with me send me a friend request on PSN and we’ll play. Can never have enough warriors to rescue our plump maiden.



Back home packing some stuff to bring to my place. I hope I can fit everything into my car.

Here’s my games and dvds I have packed so far:

packed tight as sardines with games and dvds.

packed tight as sardines with games and dvds.

I got still got my books, mangas, figures, and some clothes to pack. Just a little bit more to pack heh.

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Ristorante Paradiso 3

Here we go Ristorante Paradiso 3, more of a mellow episode with nothing TOO spectacular happening.

In the opening scene we are shown what looks to be a confrontation between a lady and Claudio asking him when he was going to take the ring off. She goes off to say he led her on and said a bunch of nice things…then you hear another mans voice and it’s not Claudio, he was just in the same area. This scene is well done as it showcases the problems that plague Claudio at the moment and is one possible type of confrontation between him and Nicoletta.

After the OP Nicoletta, Furio, and Teo are taking a stroll in the local marketplace which is always an area sprawling with life and activity in any European country and in fact most of the world. The few that I’ve been to in the US have been quite lacking in the sense of energy and fresh products offered but that’s maybe cause I’ve only been to a few. The best one I went to was in California which was an awesome day to go out.

Anyways~ We get a scene where they’re at Maurios stall and it seems this is where they go for ingredients if they ever need some in between their deliveries. After an inquiry about Teo’s love life the scene switches to a law firm. Uh oh someone’s in trouble! Haha just kidding, it’s actually where Nicoletta’s mom works and Gabrielle also happens to be working there. Gabrielle talks about how Nicoletta is much like her mother and how she thinks Nicoletta has the wrong idea about her and Claudio that one time she saw them talking. Gabrielle says the situation between is not like that and states that Claudio is holding onto the ring because he lost his chance to take it off. Now for sure we know she has no feelings for Claudio so Nicoletta has the green to go. But how does Claudio feel? I guess we’ll have to find out.
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Album cover

Album cover

Once again the folks at OverClocked ReMix proudly present to us another free and awesome remixed game music album. This time the album is a remix of Final Fantasy IV you can grab the album from the site here. The torrent comes in at a whopping 1.67GBs as it contains both Mp3 and Flac files so be sure to set your preferences if you only want one type of file. I’ve listened to a few tracks and I’m loving it. Always nice to know how the song goes through other people’s head and what kind of remix they can come up with.