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The other week I received Christmas in Fall (a huge box from UPS…or Fedex one of those companies) and inside contained Saber Lily, Izayoi Sakuya, and Reisen Undongein Inaba. Lets cut to the pics shall we?





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So the previous weekend I received my Aozaki Touko (or Toko) and I was pretty excited to unbox it. The quality by Alter just surprises me sometimes, maybe cause I don’t buy too many Alter figs. Oh well I will be buying more now. The figure comes with interchangeable heads, a VERY small cigarette attachment, and a desk chair with swiveling wheels (for what purpose I don’t know). The base also has in almost invisible font “Kara no Kyoukai”, gotta angle it or shine a light on it to find it.


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Megacon came and went, and now it’s time for a post. I haven’t posted in a long while, so I’ll make this a big ‘un. Curryninja’s post on Megacon made me decide I should make one, too. 

Megacon, the pinnacle of anime related events for me during the year. It was good this year, but not the best it could’ve been. I’ve noticed a disturbing trend which has been causing this decay; the lack of diversification. 

In years past at Megacon, I could find semi-obscure things here and there thoughout the convention.  Items from Mushishi, Kino no Tabi, and other series when they were still just being released in Japan. This year I did find some Spice and Wolf and Aria items, but nothing past that. It seems that slowly but surely, all other anime that isn’t Bleach, Naruto, Death Note, FMA, One Piece, or (now) Soul Eater is being phased out. This really has been putting a damper on it all for me.  I mean, I still do find lesser known things, just not in the quantity I once did.

This has also been accompanied with a more annoying fanbase every year. Before, the Naruto and FFVII cosplayers were expected in great number. But they weren’t super annoying, just everywhere. Now, the new thing is “free hugs,” “you lost the game,” and dressing up like a retard. It’s a very rage inducing thing to behold, and I don’t see it getting any better anytime soon. It’s hard to say how annoying they are, you have to experience it.

 But, despite these bitchings, I had a lot of fun. Sunday I was a bit hung-over, but enjoyed it nonetheless. It was good to go with some friends and an almost-but-not-really-but-I’m-trying-girlfriend.  A speeding ticket nailed my money supply for buying loot. But I still made out with some good booty. And here it be:



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Time to talk about something anime and otaku related. With anime the subculture branches off into many other subcultures such as Mecha figure building (like Gunplas), Cosplaying, Doujin/Doujinshi (the former being “indie” works while the latter is pron manga), Eroge/Galge (Hentai games), and my current obsession Anime Figurines.

My Anime Figure collecting frenzy started about 2-3 years ago right around the end of high school. Before that I had purchase some small Rurouni Kenshin and Naruto mini collectible figures but those weren’t really important. My first REAL Anime Figure was my 1/8th scale Max Factory Alicia Florence figure which is pictured below.


As an Aria anime fan it was a HUGE purchase mainly because it was one of my favorite characters in the series. The figure was very well done, capturing the essence of Alicia and chubby little President Aria. It is a pretty hard to find fig because it sold out very fast. At the time of purchase I paid around $57.00 USD + Shipping so around $70.00 USD and I believe the exchange ratio at that time was $ USD = 110 JPY (Japanese Yen). $70.00 well spent I may add.

I was now traveling down the very money consuming road of figure purchasing.

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