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Aion and I

So what’s causing me to lag horribly behind in both the anime world and real world? Aion. My comrades from the CoalitionLAN (mainly Popsikle) nostalgia tripped me into getting the game by saying a few of my CL buddies were playing. So naturally I went out and bought it and started playing. I must say it is a lot of fun though blowing shit up as a Sorcerer. I wish people will stop with all the WoW comparisons. I mean yeah a lot of things look like it was taken from WoW but really it feels more Warhammer-esque than WoW. If any of you readers decide that you want to pick up the game there’s a home for you on the Marchutan server with the legion Aether Junkies. Just send a message to you know who (me). Now there are some restrictions, mainly you have to be mature.

Here’s some pictures:



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