Christmas is here!

yay Im@s!!

There should have been other posts before my Christmas one but I got really sidetracked (marathon watching Doctor Who and J-Dramas). Nearly finished up what I wanted to watch so my mind can break free of the trance. Merry Christmas folks!! Hope you all get a lot of anime and figure goodies!

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Inevitable Christmas Post

Another rare post from me! Yay!

So Christmas is nearly upon us all ( and Hanukkah, Fesitvus, etc.). Which means:  winter anime season soon! Yay!

Winter 09/10 Anime Season

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The other week I received Christmas in Fall (a huge box from UPS…or Fedex one of those companies) and inside contained Saber Lily, Izayoi Sakuya, and Reisen Undongein Inaba. Lets cut to the pics shall we?



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Gamer ADHD???


oo oo ooo so many games!!

Yes I have been watching Kimi ni Todoke aka “Mamiko Noto the show”.

A lack of posts (once again) because all of my professors decided to have tests within a one week span. But I also blame the lack of posts on: nothing really to talk about, my laziness, and my self proclaimed disease of “Gamer ADHD”. I’m pretty sure you all know the flurry of games that recently came out: Borderlands, Dragon Age, Atelier Annie, Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 2 etc. Soon there’s also gonna be Left 4 Dead 2. Please Video Game Gods, have mercy on my poor college student budget!


I forgot to pre-order the Atelier Annie Premium Box (busy busy) and now that shit's going for 100+!!!

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One of my friends went to Japan during the summer and brought back a little box of Tsundere cookies with him, Russian style. We had no idea what that meant as we didn’t feel like eating it at the moment. So today as I went to that same friends households to watch a comrade play Demon’s Souls (which is fucking awesome by the way, getting it as soon as I fix my PS3). Anyways we decided to break out the box of cookies on a whim. Our fatal mistake was ignored all that society has taught us about skull marks: that it usually means something bad. My friend ate it, no problem. I eat mine, no problem…for 3 seconds. All of a sudden a intense wave of hot comes out of nowhere and I’m in dire need of something to quell it. Turns out I got the “tsun”(death) cookie. Also turns out that 10 out of the 12 cookies are tsun or laced with some type of spicy powder and only 10 are “dere”(safe). I mean the cookie tasted kinda good till the hotness hit me. Being the idiot and lover of all things tsudnere that I was I went and downed 2 more cookies. They all turned out to be tsun cookies.
something like that happened.

something like that happened.

I couldn’t take it anymore as the fire was getting to me. I quickly quelled the fire with some Baileys. God I love that stuff. Anyways we didn’t get through the entire box. There were 4 of us: 1 of who ate a dere cookie, the other 2 only ate 1 each both of which were tsun, and I ate 3 tsun cookies. In effect you could say we played a round of Russian Roulette with only one of us surviving…and I ended up dieing 3 times. I am not a masochist but I love my tsundere characters. I just don’t care for their cookies. Scarred for life from this experience and let it be a lesson to everyone not to eat cookies made by someone with more tsun than dere.

Be careful who cooks for you....it could be your last meal.

Be careful who cooks for you....it could be your last meal.

Aion and I

So what’s causing me to lag horribly behind in both the anime world and real world? Aion. My comrades from the CoalitionLAN (mainly Popsikle) nostalgia tripped me into getting the game by saying a few of my CL buddies were playing. So naturally I went out and bought it and started playing. I must say it is a lot of fun though blowing shit up as a Sorcerer. I wish people will stop with all the WoW comparisons. I mean yeah a lot of things look like it was taken from WoW but really it feels more Warhammer-esque than WoW. If any of you readers decide that you want to pick up the game there’s a home for you on the Marchutan server with the legion Aether Junkies. Just send a message to you know who (me). Now there are some restrictions, mainly you have to be mature.

Here’s some pictures:


How to be a Bancho

Really Atlus needs to stop coming up with things that I have to spend my money on. I love Atlus now, I really do but I like having money also haha. So what’s this I’m ranting on about?

Kenka Bancho a PSP game where you run around being a complete badass (Bancho) that shoots laser beams from your eyes and beats people up dressed in a Banana Suit. Awesome. No words can express my utter excitement for this game to release and the hilarity that will ensue. Maybe after a few days of playing I’ll start walking around campus like a Bancho and have a legion of followers. But first I would need to go to Japan (as the commercial points out).